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>>>EV user >>>EV owner >>>EV student >>>Professional >>>Researcher >>>Scientist >>>Engineer >>>Innovation lover >>>EV enthusiasts >>>Businessman >>>Investor >>>Car lover >>>Hi tech lover

Course include

Essential of the electric vehicles
Types of electric vehicle
Types of EV batteries
ICE vs EV torque performance
Battery configurations
Charging methods and levels
Working of the electric vehicles
Major EV components
Analysis of the EV technology

Regenerative braking

EV Battery combinations

Battery management system

Durability of EV batteries

Ownership cost

EV impacts on economy

EV impacts on environment

Charging ways

Safety & efficiency of EV batteries

Business opportunities in EV market

Future of the EV

What will you get in this video course?

✅18 Sections
✅58 Lectures
✅4 hours of pre-recorded lectures
✅Assignments to practice
✅Self-controlled learning
✅Access on all electronic devices
✅Course completion certificate
✅Chat access with the instructor
✅Life time access to the course

                                                                                   About course

Electric vehicle course will help you out to learn practical knowledge about the electric vehicle technology that you need as an EV learner. If you really craving to know in what way electric vehicles work, what crucial systems they are made of, their categorization, and potential guidelines for future developers, then you are at right place. This course consist of 58 lectures in total so far and are updated continuously to keep your updated about the subject. Here, you can understand all basic concepts and fundamentals associated with electric transportations. Moreover, current and future EV industry, types of the EV, EV batteries used based upon their materials and assembly analyzed in detail. If you are interested to learn about the operation of the electric cars, this course will also give you a simple but comprehensive overview of how batteries work. The amazing video course is comprised of 58 video lectures where explanation about the facts of the electric vehicle industry and the battery technologies are provided in full details. In addition to above, this most demanding course is professionally planned and designed in such an order that with each forthcoming segment you go deeper and wider into the comprehensive knowledge. This video recorded course is in focus to further growth and expansion by adding continuous informative lectures and data to get greater understanding about the topic.

Additionally, this training will enable you to get job in EV markets easily by having more knowledge comparing to your competitive candidates.

About the creator

“Dr. M. Naeem (PhD chemical engineering) believes to educate and empower students by latest education for their better tomorrow” If you want to learn and discover electric vehicle technology from scratch, or just want to get trained for a better tomorrow, then you are at the right place. Dr. M. Naeem is here to help you succeed in your academic and professional life by educating innovative technologies.

Dr. M. Naeem has
14 years of experience

$9 ($90- before discount)


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Dr. M. Naeem


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EV users
EV future buyers
EV learners
Car enthusiasts
Technology lovers

Due to rapid switch of automobile industries from the internal combustion engine Vehicles to Electric Vehicles, there is a vast requirement of skilled and trained candidates who are already having a great knowledge of Electric Vehicles technology. These requirements of the industry and academicians can only be fulfilled by providing them a source of tech-learning in this EV domain. Moreover, This course is specially designed with the prospect to make the learners aware about Electric Vehicle technology. This course is so unique which will act as a bridge between the Industry & Academia.

You can contact your instructors in a variety of ways like course home pages, additionally, you may communicate with your instructor through discussion groups, direct chats, assignment submissions, through email.

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4 hours recorded lectures
18 Sections
58 Lectures
Continuous additional lectures

Yes, you will get the certificate once you complete 

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